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Two steps to download Netflix movie to iPod

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Netflix is most popular movie websites. You can rent movie or subscribe hot movies on Netflix. Normally, you can not download Netflix movies or to cache them to watch later on iPod during the copyright protection. But with some powerful video recorder, you can download Netflix movie to iPod in the same high quality! Only two steps to do that, even you are computer challenger can handle it.

The tool you need is the Netflix movie recorder, I have tried many video recorders for Netflix movie, and this one works the best. It's available on both Windows OS and Mac OS. I will take Windows version as sample in this guide, the operation steps are the same on Mac.

Download Netflix Video Recorder for Win Download Netflix Video Recorder for Mac

Step1. Record the Netflix movies

Step2. Convert the Netflix movies to iPod format

By default, the recorded Netflix movie is in WMV format, it's not compatible with iPod. You have to convert it to MP4 video for playback on Apple iPod. Lucky, the video recorder built-in a video converter, you can do the conversion easily.